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Securing the Future of 5G

I wrote this eBook on behalf of AI Business for their sponsor, Huawei. It was an absolutely fascinating book to write. I thoroughly enjoyed the interviews, the research and investigating the geo-political landscape surrounding the competitive race to deploying 5G technology.


The future depends on fast connectivity - and 5G is the ultimate enabler. From artificial intelligence (AI) and self-driving cars to telemedicine and technologies that create a world that is currently unimaginable - an always-on internet connection will make our lives easier, safer, healthier - and possibly more affordable.

5G promises to introduce speeds of around ten gigabits per second to your phone. That’s more than 600 times faster than typical 4G speeds used today, ten times faster than Google Fiber’s standard home broadband service, and consumers could download a 4K high- definition movie in just 25 seconds or stream several simultaneously. 5G is not just a linear upgrade of 4G. Instead, it’s a fundamental redesign of mobile services to intelligently connect billions of people and things more efficiently and with increased value.

The pandemic proved just how enabling digitalization is. In just days, we shifted entirely to remote working, distance learning and connecting with our loved ones from afar. A crucial catalyst for technological transformation, 5G infrastructures present an unprecedented opportunity to deploy, scale and integrate powerful new systems and machine-to- machine communication. Creating significant economic, social, and environmental value, 5G is much more than just smartphones. Expected to positively impact the economy, jobs and emissions, the scale and intelligence of mobile connectivity will support a whole new category of mission-critical services from smart factories to smart energy grids.

By increasing efficiency and intelligence to more factories, buildings, farms and cities, the movement of people also decreases, along with greenhouse gas emissions per unit output. As the pandemic recedes over the next few years, experts expect 5G deployment to accelerate and expand its potential to empower an ever-growing application economy, creating more jobs, prosperity, value, and reduced emissions.

However, the deployment of 5G networks - and the basis of wireless technology - depends on access to the radio spectrum. As the rate of connected devices and their use increases, resources must be harmonized across borders to allow for the interoperability of infrastructures. Therefore, the extreme value of 5G relies on the majority backing of organizational, Governmental and communication service providers for both investment and adoption of the technology. Without such support, new base station sites and end- to-end connectivity would cease to exist.

In this eBook, brought to you in association with Huawei, we explore the state of play for 5G globally, the security considerations around its widespread adoption, and the technological, economic, and immense strategic implications of the infrastructure’s deployment.

Darcy Alexander | Associate Editor | AI Business

To read the full eBook, please click the PDF link below.

AIB Huawei ebook 5G
Download PDF • 2.03MB

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