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The Importance Of Finding Your Niche

A big part of becoming a successful copywriter is operating within a niche. This is because brands and businesses want a specialised solution to their specific problems. It’s also somewhat unbelievable that a single product or service (writer) can help every person, everywhere, all the time.

This means that copywriters have to find their particular area of expertise. To do this, writers must discover first; what interests them, second; is there a space in the market for this area, third; who they need to share this information to/find their audience, fourth; what makes said segment of the market unique, and finally; how to connect to that specific audience.

In other words, the more specific you are about WHAT you can deliver, and to WHOM, the more desirable and highly-paid you’ll be.

You will seldom - if at all - find a copywriter who can write equally compelling copy in all of the available niches. This is because each niche has its own type, style and demographic of audience, resulting in differing readerships and tones depending on the consumer. For example, an entertainment writer has a particular style that won’t exactly suit a medical report.

And as the writer, you’ve got to think about the most arduous phase: the research. When writing for a market or topic you as a writer specialises in, the research process becomes so much faster, easier and far more digestible. You’ll understand nuances, technical phrases, and most importantly, you’ll already know and understand what the reader WANTS out of the copy.

There are many broad niches to choose from, such as;

  • education,

  • personal development,

  • beauty,

  • fashion,

  • relationships,

  • business,

  • fitness,

  • real estate,

  • technology,

  • animals.

Ideally, you’d want to delve even deeper and find subsections within the bigger markets, and cross-reference; health & technology, beauty & fashion, for example.

Here’s the crux: it’s one thing to know WHAT to write, but it’s different knowing HOW to write. This is what makes us copywriters. It involves a deep understanding of an audience’s specific pain point. Fears. Desires. Needs. Problems, and what turns them off, too - that is the key to high-converting copy.

So why spread yourself thin and do it all?

In turn, you will gain more authority, greater credibility and most importantly, you’ll only get better and faster at what you know. Knowledge = speed.

And before you ask, “which niche is most profitable?” Don’t. It doesn’t work like that.

Trial and error will help you discover your talents, the types of businesses you want to write for, and most vital; what interests you. It should be organic. Just write, and see what you enjoy.

Let each project guide you until you can confidently specialise.

Let me know what topics you’ve found along your copywriting journey!

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